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The Weight Loss and Wellbeing Clinic is dedicated to promoting healthy living and healthy eating.

Its principle aim is to give each and every client the skills they need to take control of their lives and make the long-term lifestyle changes they desire.  

Dr Sarah Clarke Clinic Director

Sarah is founder and Director of the Weight Loss and Wellbeing Clinic. She is a chartered psychologist and an associate lecturer with the Open University, and she has worked extensively with a wide range of clients presenting with various psychological issues.

In 2012, Sarah joined the team at The Cleve Spa to establish the Clinic and to develop an effective, and exclusive, treatment program. The aim of the program, and of her work more widely, is to give each and every client the confidence and skills to lose weight and keep it off, and to develop a positive relationship with food. Sarah works jointly with the highly trained and experienced staff at The Cleve Spa to achieve this aim.    

Sarah is also a co-founder and director of The TactileCBT Foundation, an organisation dedicated to the research and development of TactileCBT. She and her colleagues began developing the therapeutic approach intensively in 2012, following considerable media interest and endorsement from eminent psychologists and therapists in the field. The group subsequently launched the foundation to continue and extend their research and development program.

Roxanne Caughey Spa Manager at The Cleve Spa & Hotel

Roxanne has been managing the spa since it opened in 2009. She has been instrumental in developing the services available to clients, and has recently overseen the launch of our range of ESPA treatments and products. Roxanne and her team of friendly and professional therapists are dedicated to providing the highest quality treatments and spa experience to all clients. Click here for more information.


Jason Thomson Bodywise Manager

Jason is highly dedicated to all aspects of health and fitness, on both a personal and professional level. In addition to managing and promoting Bodywise, Jason also captains the England Indoor Cricket team and coaches the Under 18/21 England Indoor Cricket teams. He has a wealth of experience and skills gained from playing sport at a national and international level, which he has found to be highly beneficial for developing Bodywise.   


The Weight Loss and Wellbeing Clinic was launched in 2013 by Dr Sarah Clarke. It is a leader in innovative and new treatment approaches, which are delivered by our friendly, experienced and highly qualified team. Each and every team member is dedicated to health and fitness, and their motivation, support, enthusiasm and knowledge have proven invaluable to our clients.  

Read our team biographies below.

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