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It’s time to make a change

The way we lose weight needs to change. Diets are great for short-term benefits. But how often do you find that the weight just creeps back on?

We need to do something different. But what?

Our experienced team at the Weight Loss and Wellbeing Clinic has the answer.

Unique & effective weight loss programs

Our weight loss programs are completely unique. Each one has been designed by Dr Sarah Clarke, a chartered psychologist with a wealth of knowledge and experience in health and fitness, weight loss and psychological treatment.

The programs are holistic, innovative and highly effective. They combine psychological strategies, food and nutrition education, health and fitness education,  and spa treatments to provide you with a complete weight loss program.  

We will give you the knowledge, skills and motivation you need to achieve success and to make fundamental, long-lasting changes to your life.

Click here to find out which program best suits you.     

The Weight Loss and Wellbeing Clinic is a leader of innovative brief therapies specialising in weight control. All programs are based on robust and evidence-based psychological techniques and strategies to help people make long term, sustainable life changes.  


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A new generation of weight loss programs

After years of experience, we know that successful weight loss is all in the mind. Address the mind and the rest will follow. Success is rooted in motivation, determination, focus, drive, understanding, forward thinking, planning, self-control, will power…

…as well as in our most important relationship: our relationship with food.

Success comes from changing your mind and changing how you think and feel about food, and how you interact with it.

Our weight loss programs use proven psychological techniques to rebuild your relationship with food. We help you to love food and to love eating in a way that promotes great health and wellbeing.

Our programs won’t just help you lose weight,

they will change your life.