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Three spa breaks that will change your life

Share your journey with a Buddy

Imagine having your very own health and fitness coach to support you through your weight loss journey…


There’s no doubt you would lose weight more easily.

Our My-Buddy Program maximises your potential by giving you not only a highly effective weight loss treatment, but also by training up and educating your chosen Buddy. Your Buddy will learn everything they need to know to give you with all the support, motivation and coaching you need to lose weight and keep it off. Read more

Giving you the power to change your life

A long term solution, not just a quick fix…

This is the ultimate weight loss program for those who want to make real and lasting life changes.

Perhaps you are fed up with with short-term quick fix diets. Sceptical about their long term effectiveness. Tired of their unsustainable and ineffective approaches. Perhaps you recognise that health, as well as weight loss, is vitally important. Or maybe you want a weight loss approach that empowers, educates and motivates you, at the same time as giving you all the skills and techniques you need to take control of your relationship with food and change it for good. If so, the Intensive Weight Loss Program is the one for you. Read more

The short and sharp treatment approach

Eat less, feel fuller and combat cravings. What more could you want…?

A revolutionary treatment approach for those who struggle with motivation and find dieting difficult to sustain.  

The Hypno-Gastric Band is a safe and effective alternative to the surgical gastric band. The treatment mimics the gastric band operation by taking you through the complete medical procedure while you are in a state of deep hypnosis. Your body becomes convinced that the gastric band has been fitted, so that when you emerge from the treatment your stomach feels tighter and smaller, and you automatically feel fuller quicker. Read more

Individually designed to optimise weight loss success

Based on proven psychological techniques

Luxury Weight Loss Spa breaks

My-Buddy Weight Loss Program

My-Buddy Program

Intensive Weight Loss Program



Hypno-Gastric Band




The Cleve Spa & Hotel

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